What Makes a Woman the Ideal Sex Partner?

What makes any woman the ideal sex partner? The answer might actually shock you. The answer might not fit your pre-existing definitions of the ideal fuck partner. This might as well be the case because let’s face it, most guys think in purely physical terms. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

We’re talking about a chick with nice, big globes for tits, a banging body with a big ass butt. We’re talking about a mouth that won’t quit. It’s very easy to define a sex partner in purely physical terms. The problem is there’s a lot more going on than just physicality. We’re not just looking at cosmetic issues. We’re also looking at the impact on the rest of your life.

sex1Sadly, most guys are completely clueless regarding this and this is why in their search for a sex partner they end up fucking themselves over at many different levels. At the very least, they screw themselves up mentally because they end up falling in love with a sex partner that is not in love with them. Sure, that chick might love to fuck them but that’s pretty much the extent of the kind of intimacy she’s interested in. Do you see the range of problems you might be opening yourself up to if you define an ideal sex partner in purely physical terms?

This is why I would invite you to redefine this concept in your mind. You have to remember that if you want to achieve any kind of success in your life, you have to have the proper definitions. Your definitions impact your expectations. Your expectations color your assumptions. Your assumptions, in turn, influence how much time, effort, and energy you will put into something. Your effort then dictates your results. These are all interrelated. This is not just empty talk. This is not theory. This is not bullshit. This can impact, not just the look, but the performance as well as the long-term effect of the sex partner that you are looking for. So, do yourself a big favor before all sorts of unnecessary drama enters your life, you might want to do some emotional heavy lifting.

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