What It’s Like To Be a Stripper?

What It’s Like: To Be a Stripper? Working has a stripper has its and ups and downs but one thing stands out: there is good money. There are a lot of fantastic things working as a stripper. One of the best things stripes enjoy is the freedom to organize their own schedule. However, working as a stripper is just like any other job where competition exists. Getting to understand the life of striper is not easy unless you get one who opens up about her experiences and how she lives her life. Stripping can give you a false sense of security and if not careful with your planning you can easily be broke.

728bb975311c77c3231f9e37dfb12456Being a stripper means living a double life during the day and another life during the night. Strippers are just people like us but the only thing that makes them different is the courage to show off their most precious parts to different men for the sake of money. It takes courage to work as a stripper and one must be ready to face all characters of men. To be a stripper you must be a dancer. In fact most women who work as strippers were once dancers or had to learn dancing. Nowadays there are strip classes where women who want to start stripping as a career go ad learn.

Unlike in the past where stripping was seen as an immoral thing in the society, stripping has become big business in major cities around the world. Even the term stripper is rarely used nowadays as they are called exotic dancers who are paid to entertain men. Strippers are never ashamed of anything and being one requires guts. You must have self-esteem to approach men and try to sell your services to them. The hotter you are the more money you are likely to make. However, you must learn to associate well with the other stripper not to be hated. Stripping is not as easy as most might think. Strippers face all kinds of challenges but that they must know how to deal with. They came face to face with men of all kinds.

dita4In some cases, strippers are called all sorts of names by their clients and must learn to stomach them all just to make good money. Some men will simply touch your boobs too hard without your consent or call you names like a slut. Strippers know they have to face all these to get good money out of these men. However, not all clients treat strippers this way. Most clients are always looking for lap dances and private talks with the stripper. Well, here is where strippers make tons of cash in minutes.

Working as a stripper requires you to have two identities. One identifies you as a stripper while the other is where you are leading a normal life. There are even married women working as strippers during the night and take normal jobs during the day. It is a risk job that requires you to balance your job as a stripper and when away from stripping.

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