What is the personal life of a Las Vegas escort like?

What is the personal life of a Las Vegas escort like? Well, how does one live offering her services to different men on a daily basis making tons of cash? It seems a weird life but some of the women who have worked as escorts will tell you they love it. Most people in the society might view escort work as immoral but what of the men who purchase their services? Whether we like it or not, working as an escort in Las Vegas has become a big deal, and most people are starting to take it as the norm.

exotixMost people will argue that the women are not doing anything wrong as they work to earn a genuine living. Escort services in Las Vegas are legal, and most of the women working as escorts live good lives. It is not as bad as most of the people might imagine especially if you are working as a VIP escort. The experience of getting everything paid for by the client and you been paid after the services are what attracts most women to work as escorts. The money from working as escorts is phenomenal.

Women working as escorts make some big bucks that people working in big corporate companies make. In some cases, some escorts have reported making as much as $3000 a single day. This is a lot that what most people make in a week. Working as an escort means planning your time well and have no personal attachment to your client. It is strictly business, and no personal communications should take place after the time you are booked for is over. Some escorts have even confessed of not remembering the name of the previous clients after getting like three or four more clients in a day. It is all about giving the men a moment of their life and waiting to be paid at the end of it.

kcgurllooktoneAway from the escort work, most of these women have their personal lives. There are college students who work as escorts during the night and raise money to pay their fees without even their classmates knowing. Working as an escort is more like living a double life where you have a different name when working as an escort different from your real name. In a study done, it was found over 50% of women who worked as escorts during the night had day jobs where they lived a normal life without other people knowing. 25% of these women were found to work as teachers during the day.

To work as an escort is not easy and one must have the best self-esteem to get through the job. Everything is not rosy despite the good pay. In fact, the main motivation for working as an escort for most women is the easy money that comes. How does someone make $3,000 a day just by giving some of the wealthiest men on earth? It always comes down to money when working as escorts. These women sometimes have to put their lives to risks giving men some very stupid requests from men just to get the paycheck.

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