What is intimacy in a relationship?

What i the meaning of intimacy in a relationship? What does it mean to be in an intimate relationship with another person? Well, I am not going to get into the many definitions of intimacy. Intimacy is the mixing of our lives with another person and sharing both our soul and hearts. It is the great connection that makes you feel closer to the person you have an intimacy relationship with. Intimacy is the interpersonal relationship involving friendship, love, sex and romantic love.

image-couple-intimateAll relationship needs intimacy to survive through the hard times. It is the feeling where you feel you understand what the other partner is feeling without necessary asking. Intimacy is both physical and emotional. There is no way to have the emotional intimacy without the physical intimacy. All people in a relationship need intimacy. Intimacy is more than just sleeping or making love to your partner. Simple acts like holding hands when walking down the street or cuddling make people in a relationship more intimate. Intimacy is the strong bond between partners that gets them going in tough times. When things go wrong, and you start fighting or arguing, it is the intimate connection between the two of you that keeps you together. It is easier for people who are not intimate to break up and end their relationship because of a small disagreement.

sexIntimacy is like the foundation of all relationships. It is what makes love survive through the tough times. Intimacy is the emotional and physical connection that keeps two partners close. Every party in a relationship has a significant part of the lives. There is the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual. These five parts of our lives are supposed to work in harmony. When you are intimate with someone, these five parts of your life must be in harmony with the other person. For most couples, physical intimacy becomes easy compared to the other parts of intimacy. This means you can spend most of your time together, but if your emotions are not in harmony, then the intimacy is not complete.

Men are usually more intimate when having sex but this lasts for a few moments before realizing it was a body desire. Intimacy must exist if couples are to live happily and enjoy the company of one another. This goes to show sex alone does not make couples intimate. Another good way to describe intimacy is the feeling or emotions that attract people in a relationship together. You can enjoy the sex but what happens when the body desire to have sex wears away? The experience might be temporary and usually fades away the moment is over.
Men and women in a relationship are always searching for intimacy in relationships. Most think they are looking or sex but when you find someone that intimacy develops, the search might come to an end. Most couples who have been married for years will tell you intimacy plays a big role in keeping the relationship going strong. Intimacy builds trust in any relationship as couples let loose knowing they are safe in the hands of the other partner.

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