The very well groomed escorts of Walmley North Birmingham

Walmley is a quaint old part of Sutton Coldfield in England and it is situated quite close to the other prominent parts of Birmingham district such as Wylde Green, Erdington and Minworth. This town was originally known as Warmelegh which in old English means “warm forest clearing”. Walmley is located a little distance northeast of Birmingham city center. This town is located somewhere about the junction of Walmley Ash road, Walmley road and Penns Lane. Here at this very junction a 20th century shopping center was built, which was named Walmley Village. This is the origin of the small farming settlement and the rest of the town was built with decent quality middle class houses after World War II .

Some local attractions in walmley

escortOn the Walmley road roughly in the middle of the district is The Church of St. John The Evangelist. This church has unusual style architecture and was built in Norman style with the use of blue engineering brick. This church has a beautiful patterned titled roof and stone dressings on the side making it one of the most visited attractions by both locals and tourists alike. Walmley Almshouse is another old building which stands at the junction of Fox Hollies road and Walmley road which was constructed in 1828. The Sutton Municipal Charities has made the original building its
official office in the present day. Warren House Farm is another prominent place in Walmley which is the one of the many houses of Bishop Versey. This farm house is one of the 51 built by the bishop for the common good of the district.

The escorts of Walmley

Now if you are visiting Walmley alone for the first time whether on business or on a holiday it goes without saying you need an intelligent, well groomed escort to spice things up a bit. After work there should be a little play and the escorts in walmley know just how to liven things up for you. You can find escorts in this small town for any purpose; whether it is an official red tie dinner or just a casual date for dinner or whether you want to be shown the lovely Walmley by night.

Escorts can make you evening special

escort-girlIn a place like Walmley it can tend to get a bit lonely and this is especially true if you are visiting alone. When all your work is done and you want to have a bit of fun in the evening, then the best thing to do is to hire the service of a great looking escort. These escorts are not just good looking, they are intelligent, educated and can carry off a conversation on any topic with ease. They are also extremely well mannered and well groomed knowing just how to carry themselves in front of a crowd. You can take your escort anywhere and be proud of a beautiful, well mannered and intelligent person for company.

Where can you find escorts in the town?

It is very easy to find escorts in Walmley as there are many Walmley escort agencies listed in the directories. You can either check the yellow pages or simply ask the concierges of the hotel you are staying at. A perfect and stylish escort can be arranged within a few hours of your asking and you can go around town and make your evening extra special arm in arm. A great way to find good looking and well spoken escorts in Walmley is to check online. There are bound to be websites which offer Walmley escort agency information and contact details so that you can contact the agencies and have an escort of your choice sent for you.

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