Body to Body Massage London

One of the most enjoyable and memorable massage techniques involves using the therapist’s own body energy and warmth as a means of relaxation. A body to body massage London uses a lighter, sensual touch to relieve muscle tension and helps the mind tap into the body’s natural energy sources. This practice comes from ancient tantric techniques that connect the spiritual, physical and sensual aspects of the body. While this is a highly erotic method, it is primarily a means to help the client release negative energy and tap into their innate creativity and intelligence.

Therapists who specialize in body to body techniques are often schooled in other techniques, such as deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage. Many also use holistic energy and healing practices during the session to stimulate energy flow.

Body to body massage can be practiced at any number of locations, depending on preference. In any space, the setting for the session is important. Room temperature will be higher than normal as the skin to skin contact is best enjoyed in a warm environment. The overall mood should be relaxed: lights will be low and scented candles are often burning to aid in relaxation.

spa image2Most often a session begins with the client lying comfortably on their stomach. Warmed massage oil is applied and the therapist will begin a shoulders and upper back rub. This more straightforward beginning is done to build trust and ensure the recipient feels comfortable and relaxed. Often the scalp and ears are then rubbed using the fingers and fingernails.

When the massage therapist senses the body is releasing tension, the next phase of the session will begin. This generally involves a light fingertip touch from head to toe. This heightens the body’s senses and most report feeling a surge of blood flow running through the body. Often a feeling of coolness will occur, almost akin to the chills. This is a positive as it will enhance the body to body touch to come.

The body to body phase features the masseuse using the breasts, upper chest and shoulders to caress the client’s body. The sensuality of the skin to skin contact is unforgettable and is simultaneously relaxing and stimulating. This technique often brings arousal, and this feeling should be welcomed as it is a signal of positive blood and energy flow. However if one is ever uncomfortable with any technique, this should be communicated immediately. A massage session should relieve tension, not increase it.

21_1_2014_13_39_23_7d2snucthm8bl38irqs4fc9j53_t4pcbwljteAfter a time the client will roll over to their back. A scalp rub is often used again to help settle in and further relax the receiver. Next the body to body rub will continue on the chest, genitals and thighs. The therapist will often lightly caress key areas of the body to enable energy flow from one point to another. Few other techniques can match the heightened sensuality of the body to body massage.

If discussed in advance, the therapist may employ the tantric technique known as a lingam massage. The lingam (penis) is associated with the Svadhisthana body chakra and is the site of the main pathway between the upper and lower body. A massage of this area unblocks and encourages the free release of energy for better health and longevity.

At the conclusion of the session, it is worth a moment of quite relaxation before rising. Focusing the mind on the experience will lock it into the memory to enable recall when stressful situations arise. This is one of the main benefits of body to body massage in London. Not only is the actual session enjoyable, but the long term benefits on health and vitality are many.

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